Ohio State 2010 Season Highlight Video

Ohio State 2010 Season Highlight Video

I do not own the clips or song Song = The Show Goes On by Lupe Fiasco and Up Up & Away by Kid Cudi Clips = ESPN, ABC, BTN, OSU.



Animehayato says:

first 2 minutes of this song and video are so true !_!

Christian Farag says:

@buckfan63 Braxton Miller

Ecoatsey says:

love in the beginning tressel says “you ready to play baby, dont bull shit
me if your not ready”

supermanheavy430 says:

This is fantastic. Lexco, thanks for making these videos all these years.
Please dont ever stop!!! :D

Jimmy Kramer says:

Another great video

McNeaaa says:

Tight ass video but I wasn’t too big on the songs.

megaladon1926 says:

@ProZack91488 Yea we’ll see. Fickell will get them going laugh at me now
for saying that but he’ll come through in the end.

Enormousbison says:

He gives all credit to the respective copyright owners of the songs and
clips used in the video. Therefore, according to the constitution of the
Uniteed States, he is allowed to use them for entertainment purposes. They
have no right to disable the audio that goes with this video. LAWSUIT!

vemon95 says:

Where is the volume?

BIGBUCK20 says:

Great job Lex!!!

Reid Colton says:

Great Video! what is the first song?

ultimatepower65 says:

mark may is a fucktard

Enormousbison says:

Great video! Can’t wait for next season! Pryor has done some good things,
but it’s Miller Time! Right now my focus is on the bball team. Sullinger,
Diebler, Lighty. That team is nasty! But i’ve always been a football man.

Will Hack says:

thumbs this up if lexco44 should get some reward from ohio state for videos
like this!!

GneptuneProductions says:

Youtube does it again, ruining another great video.

ProZack91488 says:

@mhskingtanner6310 Still think they are gonna win a National Championship?
I dont think so.

abckid619 says:

watch out everybody Ohio State National Champs 2012

ThexDictator says:

later, pryor.

Aaron Spriggs says:

Good video as always man. Great ending as well. LOVED the Paul Keels call
on Pryors 4th and 10 run against Iowa. Where did you find that audio clip

TriscariGB says:

Lexco should make a terrelle pryor junior highlight video since he did it
for freshman and sophmore, but this vid is good

RequiemForABuckeye says:

Fucking sick vid.

MrBuckeyeFan says:

The use of “Up, UP, and Away” and the epilogue was beautiful. The last shot
of Coach Tressel was very artistic, and perhaps foreshadowing?

rsteinosufan says:


iweartophots says:

Wasn’t expecting this for a while still, great vid as usual.

abckid619 says:

I don’t care what Tressel and the players did and I think I speak for most
CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!! Thumbs up if you agree

Michael Scherer says:

Another great video Lex thanks!!!!

Bricktoons1 says:

2008 = 3 lost 2009 = 2 games lost 2010 = 1 LOST 2011 ???

abitesizedcow says:

ahh putting in kid cudi i love it! thanks man this is great

Chad Woodburn says:

video contains an audio track that has not been authorized by all copyright
holders. The audio has been disabled. More about copyright eat my cock

TheLinkxy says:

I love your vids Lexco. GO BUCKS!

Doubleshot98 says:


SavagePvPGaming says:

0:18 I was there!

Doubleshot98 says:

thank god Boom doesnt get to play the first 5 games.. time for a new RB
back with NFL potential like Beanie.. a real gamebreaker,

BucksOrDie2150 says:

Nothing new great vid from Lexco. Go Buckeyes.

buckfan63 says:

I spy a joe bauserman appearance

joyfullmuffin13 says:

The title should be 2011 pump up video… Because this got me SO FREAKING
PUMPED!!!! Great video!

Alex Lim says:

1:46 catch was AMAZING!!!

Jason Hampton says:


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